ChapterDx COVID-19 NGS Kit 

Detection, sequencing and quantification of 7 targets of SARS-CoV-2 genome including internal control . Viral surveillance and identifying samples that may result in false negative. Simple and user-friendly workflow, extremely low-cost and easy to automate


ChapterDx COVID-19 NGS-based assay is a proprietary multiple feature method that detects, sequences and quantifies 7 targets of SARS-CoV-2 genome in a single-tube and single RT-PCR reaction. The assay is highly accurate, traces viral surveillance and also detects SARS-CoV and Bat-CoV. More importantly, it identifies samples that result in false negative results that contribute to the spread of infection. The assay requires low amounts of nucleic acid material, has relatively fast turnaround time and is suitable for medium- and high-throughput sample scales (96 to 10,000 samples per sequencing run). The assay is extremely low-cost, has a simple and user-friendly workflow and is easy to automate. The kit includes data analysis software. 


ChapterDx COVID-19 NGS assay consists of the following steps: i) RNA extraction; ii) highly multiplex RT-PCR; iii) pooling and purification; and iv) next-generation sequencing. In the RT-PCR reaction, both amplification and indexing/barcoding of each specimen occur simultaneously. After the RT-PCR, all the amplicons are pooled in one tube. From this point, the downstream procedure deals with only one tube regardless of the sample number. After sample cleanup step, the library is sequenced on an Illumina sequencing platform. The sample capacity for a MiniSeq Mid Output kit is minimum 1,600. The entire workflow takes about 24 hours of which about 6 hours is benchwork/incubation time and 17 hours of sequencing. Data analysis takes 10 minutes. The developed dual-indexing can be used for up to 10,000 samples per sequencing run. 


- Detecting 7 regions of SARS-CoV-2 

- Single-tube and single RT-PCR reaction test 

- Targets located on ORF1a, ORF1b, S and ORF3 

- 4 conservative and 3 variable regions 

- Viral surveillance (tracking source of infection)

- Detects SARS and Bat-CoV 

- User-friendly workflow and easy to automate-

- Suitable for medium and high throughput scales

- High sensitivity and specificity

- Quantitative

- Low-cost

Detection of 7 targets of SARS-CoV-2

SARS-CoV-12 NGS 7 targets

ChapterDx COVID-19 Technology and Workflow Illustration

ChapterDx COVID-19 NGS Technology and Wo

ChapterDx COVID-19 Technical Specifications

Cat No./ Size     C7723A /96 rxns (including 96 indexing)
                          C7723B /384 rxns (including 384 indexing)


For Research Use Only (RUO)