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ChapterDx MLSTnext Legionella Serotyping NGS Assay 

ChapterDx MLSTnext Legionella serotyping NGS assay analyzes over 50 most polymorphic loci spanning Legionella genome. The combination of sequences at those loci enables high-resolution serotyping. In addition, this assay is able to detect more than one Legionella species from same sample. 


ChapterDx MLSTnext Legionella serotyping NGS assay is a unique and highly multiplex PCR assay that amplifies and analyzes over 50 most polymorphic loci spanning the entire Legionella genome. The assay is a single-tube and single-step PCR reaction, where amplification and indexing take places simultaneously in the same reaction. Due to its high resolution of this assay, it can be used not only for serotyping Legionella, but also for tracking-and-tracing the source of contamination. The data analysis software is included.


ChapterDx Legionella Serotyping NGS assay consists of the following steps:

  1. DNA extraction (not provided)

  2. Multiplex PCR

  3. Pooling and purification

  4. Next-generation sequencing

In the PCR reaction, both amplification and indexing/barcoding of each specimen occurs simultaneously. After PCR reaction, amplicons for different samples are pooled in one tube. The following procedures deal with only one tube regardless of how many samples. After the cleanup step, the library is sequenced on an Illumina sequencing platform. The entire workflow takes about 24 hours, of which about 3 hours is benchwork/incubation time and 17 hours of sequencing. It takes less than half hour to complete data analysis.


  • Analyze sequences for over 50 polymorphic loci across Legionella genome

  • Detect more than one Legionella species from same sample

  • Not only for serotyping samples, but also for tracking-and-tracing the source of contamination

  • Single-tube and single-step PCR

  • User-friendly workflow and easy to automate

  • Cost-efficient, and suitable for low and high-throughput scales

  • Data analysis software included

ChapterDx Legionella Serotyping NGS Assay Workflow

Salmonella Serotyping workflow.png

Cat No./ Size     C7575A /96 rxns (including 96 indexing)                                                 
                          C7575B /384 rxns (including 384 indexing)

For Research Use Only (RUO)

Patent Pending

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