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ChapterDx comprehensive HPV-STI NGS assay detects and quantifies 41 sexually transmitted infections (28 HPV and 13 STI) in one single-tube and single-step PCR reactions

Monkeypox Virus Assay

ChapterDx MPXV NGS assay amplifies and sequences 21 most polymorphic loci of poxvirus genome in a single-tube and single-step PCR. High-resolution results enable discriminating viruses at the same lineage, and tracking-and-tracing source of infection 


Salmonella Serotyping Assay

ChapterDx serotyping NGS assay amplifies and sequences 46 polymorphic loci of Salmonella genome. High-resolution results enable discriminating bacteria of the same serotype, tracking-and-tracing source of contamination, and detect co-existence of more than one bacteria


Chapter Diagnostics is a diagnostic assay development company located in Menlo Park, California. The team has years of experience and expertise in developing innovative NGS assays for human papillomaviruses (HPV), sexually transmitted infections (STI), cancer, genetic and genomic assays.

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